Proper English. Proper music for proper dances.

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Who are we?

We are a singing trio and barn dance band performing traditional English songs and tunes in a lively and entertaining style. We have extensive collective experience in a number of bands; notably Tickler’s Jam, Katie’s Quartet, Old Hat, The Posh Band and The English String Band, including festivals, recording, TV and community work.

Our song spots feature fiddle, English, Duet and Anglo concertinas, melodeon, cello, guitar, banjo and vocal harmony. The dance band includes fiddle, melodeon and piano and a caller if required.

Proper English can provide music for barn dances or ceilidhs – with our own caller or yours – concert spots at festivals, folk clubs and local community events. An entertaining and varied mix of traditional and music hall songs interspersed with dry humour and lively dance tunes. We are also happy to lead sessions and run related festival workshops.

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Our new CD ‘A Little Cup of Tea’ is now available! A mix of songs and tunes we have performed over the last 40 years. Contact us through this site, or email if you would like one! CD also available from Veteran Records: And now you can download it via Spotify, Amazon and other download sites!

And should you be thinking of organising a barn dance, ceilidh, concert or club event, or if you would like to invite us to your folk club, please email Rob: or telephone him: 01473 610951. Or fill in the form below …

Examples of our music go to: and click on Proper English.